Breymark Homes began in 2006 when they recognized the need for a smaller custom home builder for people who didn’t want to find themselves choosing from mass produced homes. The owners of Breymark Homes have been involved in the construction industry for many years building multi-unit residential properties and gained valuable experience before beginning the journey into the custom home building business.



Some people have an idea of their 'dream home', but if asked to describe it in detail, well, they just can't.  It is a concept, an ideal, but it is not concrete.  It is just an imaginary home that meets all of their needs, is comfortable, feels good, and is luxurious.  And also greatly out of their financial reach.
Breymark takes the time to sit down with a client, find out what that dream home should look like and how it should function, and turn it from 'dream' to reality.  And most importantly, create a plan that is affordable.
Others already have a detailed vision of what they want.  They know a lot of the specific details of what their future home should look like.  Together with the client, we pull all those ideas into the perfect plan, ready for construction.
The next step is to take that plan, and build it.  We use trades who are as dedicated to their craft as we are, to build a good solid quality home.  When we turn over the keys, we want to be as proud of your new home as you are.